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DFS manipulation with PowerShell

The following script deals with two DFS related problems that sometimes occur with namespaces that were created before Windows Server 2008. Let’s say your Active Directory Domain was created years ago with Windows Server 2003, 2000 or NT. Even if you’ve done your Domain- and Namespace-Server migrations up to Server 2016 there maybe is something… (read more)

Review: Mantona Pro Makro II Tripod

The Mantona Pro Makro is my first ball head equipped tripod. I’ve started searching for a better tripod since I’ve bought my Tamron Macro Lens last year. My old tripods where far too instable and too high (min. 50cm) for macro photography. I discovered the Brand “Mantona” while searching for Manfrotto tripods on Amazon. Manfrotto… (read more)

Digitizing old treasures

Well, I have folder full of memories in form of black&white and color film. Yes, film. Additional there are some boxes full of slides. Some years ago I’ve tried to digitize them with a flatbed scanner but the results were far from acceptable. Last Summer I was able to get my hands on a film and slide scanner (lower price range) and wasn’t impressed either. The scans where ok for watching them at a small format in low resolution. The digitizing process was very convenient.

It wasn’t my device and I had only brought a view slides with me. So I had to find a better way to get my other old analogue photos into the digital future. In that case, google is your friend.


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