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Review: Mantona Pro Makro II Tripod

The Mantona Pro Makro is my first ball head equipped tripod.

I’ve started searching for a better tripod since I’ve bought my Tamron Macro Lens last year. My old tripods where far too instable and too high (min. 50cm) for macro photography.

I discovered the Brand “Mantona” while searching for Manfrotto tripods on Amazon. Manfrotto was quickly disqualified since I wanted to spend less than 100 Euro. The Mantona Pro Makro II was only 89 Euro at that time, so I started thinking about it. It comes with a ball head, a removable center column and the legs angle can be adjusted for ground level work. I bought it some weeks later for 79 Euro incl. shipping.

Want more?


The tripod is made out of aluminum instead of carbon fiber. The maximal height is about 150cm and the min. height is 17cm. One aluminum quick release plate is included. Additional plates cost about 10 Euro.


First of all, the legs are a little bit hard to move. I consider this as a benefit, since it makes the tripod more stable and less shaky. The ball head is easy to adjust. It can carry about 5kg. The removable center column is easy to remove. A ground level adapter as replacement for the center column is included.


Overall I ’m lucky. This tripod is (at least for me) a little bit on the heavy side (2,5kg). So it’s not the device I would bring with me on a long hike or a long distance vacation flight. Maybe I should get a tripod bag.  Beside of that, it’s what I have searched for. It’s stable enough for macro photography or long exposures.

Pictures “in action” will follow.