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Digitizing old treasures

Well, I have folder full of memories in form of black&white and color film. Yes, film. Additional there are some boxes full of slides. Some years ago I’ve tried to digitize them with a flatbed scanner but the results were far from acceptable. Last Summer I was able to get my hands on a film and slide scanner (lower price range) and wasn’t impressed either. The scans where ok for watching them at a small format in low resolution. The digitizing process was very convenient.

It wasn’t my device and I had only brought a view slides with me. So I had to find a better way to get my other old analogue photos into the digital future. In that case, google is your friend.


Want more?

I’ve found a DIY tutorial on how to build this:

It’s a cardboard box which is white inside to defuse the light. Looks cheap right?
Yes it is, but as far as I can say it works.
I have used an old Revue flash with a Yongnuo wireless trigger to light up the images. The images were taken with my Pentax k5 and a Tamron 9mm macro lens. Ok, the digital images are definitely no source for big prints, but they are better than the scanned ones. I think one can improve the results at least a little bit more, but it was time to call it a day so more results will follow in the future.